Frequently asked questions

What Liveris Can I use for vDAL?

We allow all Delta and Delta Codesgare airlines liveries, but please note that we will always reject PIREP's with liveries outside of that. You must always try and fly with a Delta Livery when operating a Delta route.

How is my rank calculated and how many miles and hours do I need to progress?

You can look at the Rank Manual which can be found under the "Documents" section on our vAMSYS Dashboard.

If I Remove my account off vDAL, can I rejoin?

Yes, we are able to re-activate your old account, but cannot promise it will have all the stats and rank progress you had on it, when it re-opens.

How can I contact a staff member?

You can contact a staff member through the email address provided, our facebook or via Teamspeak and Discord. What ever Method you would prefer to use, a staff member will always be around to help.

Can I use Time Acceleration on my Flight?

Yes! We understand that you might not have the time required to do a full flight, but really want to fly a plane on a certain route, or maybe you want to catch some ATC before it goes offline, we will never penalise your PIREP for doing this.

Why is my PIREP Under Review?

If your PIREP has gone to Manual review yet you had an un-eventful flight, then do not worry, you most likely flew in a livery that had not been whitelisted on our system. When we accpet the PIREP we will add it to our list. A full list of reasons for why your PIREP maybe under review can be found in our "Documents" section on our vAMSYS Dashboard "PIREP Manual".

Does vDAL have an Inactivity Rule?

No. vDAL Has no rules on pilot inactivity, we would prefer you to keep flying with us, but we are not going to delte your account if you want to fly other planes not in our fleet for a while.

What aircraft can I fly with vDAL?

You can fly any aircraft in the current Delta Air Lines fleet. This includes Delta Connection and some Codeshare parter Airlines, such as KLM and Airfrance. A Full list of the planes avalible is currently being built for the website.

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